Exclusive; Gianluca talks to escNorge

Gianluca Bezzina is a new name to most of us. He sat down to speak with escNorge, to give us a chance to get to know him a bit better before Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, where he will be representing Malta with the fun, summery song «Tomorrow».

(At the bottom of the interview you can read the official presentation of Gianluca.)

Wiv; Is this your first time trying to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest, or have you submitted songs earlier as well?

Gianluca; This is the first time I have submitted a song for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with little thought in mind that it was the winning song! I am thrilled to say the least. I never expected to win the festival on my first attempt.

Wiv; How come you were chosen to sing this song? Have you worked with the songwriters on other occasions?

Gianluca; It was through one of the charity events that songwriters Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat approached me with the intention of collaborating. Originally intended to be a radio hit, ‘Tomorrow’s’ feel-good factor combined with its simple yet meaningful lyrics, possessed all the necessary ingredients to take it to the Eurovision stage this year. Besides ‘Tomorrow’ we have worked on a number of singles which have not yet been released.

Wiv; How will you describe «Tomorrow»?

Gianluca; ‘Tomorrow’ is a very fresh song which tells a story that people can relate to. The song in itself is a sing along melody and very pleasing the ear. It brings me joy. There’s a bit of Gianluca in the good old Jeremy. Originally ‘Tomorrow’ included another verse that concluded the story of Jeremy and his free-spirited love interest. Hopefully we will get the chance to release the extended version of ‘Tomorrow’ one day.

Wiv; Will there be a preview video for «Tomorrow»?

Gianluca; Yes, we have already released the lyrics video of «Tomorrow» on YouTube a while back, and now we just released the official video this week.


Wiv; What kind of people do you think will like your song and vote for it?

Gianluca; I feel the song will attract people from all walks of life and different age groups as it is an easy song to the ear and one can easily relate to the lyrics.

Wiv; Is the Eurovision Song Contest popular among the public and artists in Malta?

Gianluca; Definitely yes. It is by far an event that unites the whole population. The Maltese national final show is said to be one of the largest national selections in Europe. It is also the largest music platform in Malta. The Eurovision Song contest has always been at the heart of the Maltese population.

Wiv; And how about you, do you follow the contest?

Gianluca; I’ve always followed Eurovision since I was a little kid. The Eurovision stage has always been a very strong inspiration. It has always been my dream to perform in front of such a large audience. The Eurovision Song Contest is a bridge to reach the millions.

Wiv; Our readers like hearing about artists’ Eurovision-favourites; What is your favourite ESC-entry? And since we’re a Norwegian site; do you have a favourite Norwegian entry as well?

Gianluca; My all-time favourites are Fly on the wings of love by the Olsen Brothers – Denmark 2000 and I also like Latvia’s Eurovision 2005 The War Is Not Over, by Walters & Kazha. My Norwegian favourite is surely the rumba style ‘Hold on be strong’ by Maria Haukaas in 2008. I feel the lyrics touch my heart.

Wiv; In Malmö you will compete in the second semi-final. Have you heard any of the other songs from your semi, and if so; what do you think?

Gianluca; Yes certainly. I like to know who will be taking part in the show. During my visit to Armenia I made friends with Gor Sujyan, as well as Georgia’s Sophie and Nodi, who have beautiful entries. Iceland’s ‘Eg a lif’ is certainly one of my favourite entries in this year’s contest. In addition, I feel the Scandinavian entries this year are extremely strong, this includes Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops and also the Norwegian Margaret Berger; I feed you my love, it has such a beautiful melody that adds to the beauty of the singer. I also love listening to songs which are sung in the country’s native language, such as Macedonia’s and Bulgaria’s entries, and ESDM – Contigo Hasta El Final.

Wiv; Oh, we are so happy that you like our entry! 

Gianluca; Yes, I am sure the Norwegians made the right decision. Margaret has an immaculate voice and the song. I have a big feeling that the festival may remain in Scandinavia even next year! If not, let’s take it to Malta, right at the other end of Europe.


Wiv; We already know we will get to see you perform at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam in April. Will you do more promotion for your song?

Gianluca; I have just been to Armenia. The people are fantastic. I was really surprised that the audience could join me singing during the show. It was a wonderful experience on Armenian TV. I have also met with Gor Sujyan, the Armenian singer and with Sophie and Nodi the Eurovision representatives of Georgia. They are both very charming. We had a very long conversation and exchanged a lot of cultural knowledge.
If time permits I might also visit some other countries.

Wiv; In addition to working as a solo artist, you are also part of the band Funk Initiative. How is it different working on your own and working with a band? Will there be more music coming from your band? (I like «The Liberators» a lot!)

Gianluca; Thank you for your nice comments. As a solo artist I have more space and freedom to sing my preferred genre. I also enjoy performing with the rest of the group as a team. It is my intention to release some new material soon. I am working together with the songwriters on an EP which will include a number of songs in different genres. Besides, I am working on a number of new singles with my band, ultimately to compile an album. I have received a number of new requests from foreign songwriters and I shall be looking into these new opportunities.

Wiv; What music do you listen to when you want to relax and enjoy? And which artists inspire you?

Gianluca; Michael Bublé, John Mayer, Chris Tomlin and Coldplay. I love the style of Bublé and Mayer. Tomlin is a Christian singer and I share a lot of his beliefs. As regards to Coldplay, I’ve attended a live concert at Wembley. I do some of their cover versions. In fact I met my songwriters, Boris and Dean, after I took part in a charity event in Malta called Voices.

Wiv; Apart from singing and making music; what does your life look like?

Gianluca; Besides being a singer and a musician, I am primarily a doctor. It is my full time job and vocation. I really like to interact and help people and cheer them up in their toughest moments.
I come from a family of seven siblings. We all love to experiment with music and harmonies. There’s never a dull moment at home, there is always some kind of music playing in the background.

Wiv; Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us; it’s been a pleasure! Do you have a final message to the Norwegian readers?

Gianluca; Lykke Norge, og ikke glem å stemme på meg!


Hei Norge!

«Gianluca and his collection of smiles have warmed the hearts of many Eurovision enthusiasts in the past few months. The young lad from Malta is a medical doctor by profession, and also one of seven siblings, who are all talented musicians and singers. Although fully committed to what he describes as his vocational calling, music has always served as a good break for the singing doctor, who has very adeptly found a balance between his daily ward rounds and his passion for music. Gianluca is the front man of a local band, whose dynamic performances and recent single releases have propelled it to the forefront of the island’s music scene. While funk and indie elements characterise the band’s distinctive sound, Gianluca draws on a wider variety of influences as a solo artist. He is mostly inspired by Michael Bubble’s brassy standards, John Mayer’s modern blues, the nu-folk style of Mumford and Sons and Noah and the Whale, while also being deeply captivated by Chris Tomlin’s contemporary Christian music.

Gianluca is a regular singer with his prayer group and has also spent time doing voluntary work among children in Turin, Cairo and Palermo, with the sisters of Mother Theresa. He started off his music career by playing the piano accordion, eventually shifting his focus to singing in various charity concerts around Malta, including the popular biannual Voices concerts and Rockestra, a yearly event organised by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and held under the Patronage of the President of Malta. Gianluca looks forward to broaden his experience through the Eurovision Song Contest as he feels it will give his career greater potential for growth and exposure, while allowing him to make further contacts with foreign music professionals. It is indeed an honour for Gianluca to be putting his ‘rigorous routine’ on hold for a while, as he represents his country in Malmö… definitely an opportunity not worth leaving till ‘tomorrow’!»

If you want to keep track of Gianluca and his preparations for Eurovision Song Contest 2013 you may do so both on facebook and twitter.  You can also buy «Tomorrow», along with other of Gianluca’s songs on iTunes.

Photos; Kris Micallef

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