Exclusive; Who See talks to escNorge!

With less than two weeks to go before the first rehearsals kick off in Malmö Arena, escNorge got the chance to talk with the Montenegrin representatives, the hiphop duo Who See.

Wiv; Who See is a new name to most Norwegians. Can you briefly introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about your musical backgrounds and careers?

Who See; We are a Montenegrin hip hop duo from the bay of Kotor. We created the group 2000 and since then we have released two albums. The first was «Sviranje kupcu» in 2006, while second one was «Krs I drac» from 2012. Between those years we have been recording all the time, together with other artists.

Wiv; Is this your first time trying to represent Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Who See; It is the first time. RTCG called us and asked us to represent Montenegro and we accepted after about 15 minutes of doubt. Hiphop is not very much listened to in Eurovision, but we decided to go for it.

Wiv; How will you describe your Eurovision entry «Igranka»?

Who See; Igranka is an energetic hip hop song with dub step elements and a chorus sang by a female vocal, exactly what we wanted since we started creating our song for Eurovision.

Wiv; Since «Igranka» is in Montenegrin, can you tell us what it is about?

Who See; The song lyrics tell us about bringing people to the party where there is no stress, where everyone are the same, enjoying the moment and life with good music.

Wiv; You have made an interesting video for «Igranka». Can you say something about the idea behind it?

Who See; Yes, thank you, the director of it is Zoran Markovic Zonjo who created a great concept. He was also director of our video «Reggeaton Montenegro». There was more than a hundred people on the set, dressed in clown suits, cheerleaders, carnival costumes, pirates… It was a great and fun atmosphere, beside very low temperature. The video tells us about dancing, good vibes, and also about a girl who goes from work in her working suit and comes to a dancing studio where she dance and releases out the stress.

Wiv; What kind of people do you think will like your song and vote for it?

Who See; Whoever likes the song. Anyone has a right to make their own choice. Maybe the hip hop and dubstep fans, or those who like some different sound in Eurovision or can feel what we wanted to say!

Wiv; Is the Eurovision Song Contest popular among the public and artists in Montenegro?

Who See; People in Montenegro watch Eurovision every year and support our representatives.

Wiv; Have you heard the Norwegian entry «I Feed You My Love» by Margaret Berger, and what do you think about it?

Who See; Yes, we feel that song is very special. Margaret brings such a strong energy while singing

Wiv; What music do you usually listen to? And which artists inspire you?

Who See; We listen to all the music we like and then we make our music from our inspiration, something local, coastal, with what people around us can identify and start to love. Hip hop is actually from a very subjective point of view.

Wiv; Apart from singing and making music; what does your life look like?

Who See; We live as normal people; Dedduh is married and lives in Kotor, Noyz lives in Herceg Novi and works with video production and graphical design.

Wiv; Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us! And from all of us at escNorge; All the best in Malmö!

Who See; Thank you also and to your readers! See you soon in Malmö.

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