Exclusive; Moje 3 speaks to escNorge!

Immensely popular on their own, how could a group consisting of Sara, Nevena and Mirna be anything but a success?! escNorge was on site when Moje 3 won Beosong in March, we met them in Amsterdam, and here is the result of our little talks with the girls.

Wiv; You are all new names to the Norwegian audience. Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your musical backgrounds and your careers so far? 


Sara; Since my first memories, I remember that I loved watching music videos, concerts and enjoyed performing in front of my parents or friends. I always loved entertaining people. It’s a feeling that I can’t even describe: I never can get enough of it. I would live on the stage just to entertain people; singing, dancing and making them happy. I never had a singing lesson; I had the first «professional» contact with music two years ago, when I won a singing contest that was organized by a magazine. I had the chance to work with one of the best Serbian songwriters, Aleksandra Milutinovic, and I released my first single «Zauvek». This year I was part of the show First Voice of Serbia where I finished third.
Nevena; I’m 18 years old, and I was born and attended school in Kosovska Mitrovica. Currently I’m studying music at University of Arts in Belgrade. In 2007, I participated in Serbia’s national selection for Junior Eurovision with «Piši mi» (My Song). I won and went on to represent Serbia in JESC in Rotterdam. I finished third with 120 points, which is Serbia’s best result in the contest. This year I participated in Serbia’s version of The Voice where I made it to the super final, and finished second. I have also performed in many children’s festivals in Serbia and other places in Europe.
Mirna; I went to Musical school where I played the violin for 12 years and a little bit of piano as well. I had the opportunity to sing in various festivals and competitions and I am the winner of First Voice of Serbia.

Wiv; Mirna and Sara; This was your first time in Beosong. Have you ever considered participating before?

Sara; Yes, of course. Being part of Besong or Eurovision was a big dream for me, and I’m still in shock that it came true. I think is one of the best feelings in the world; representing your country and it is a big success as a singer, too. I expect to have gained a lot of music experience after this festival, because we’ll work with a really professional staff and we’ll meet a lot of amazing artists; and I think that we’ll make a lot of new friends, all around the world.
Mirna; It has always been my dream to participate in the national selection for Eurovision Song Contest and to have the opportunity to represent my country at ESC.

Wiv; How were you chosen to sing «Ljubav je Svuda»?
Sara; Mirna, Nevena and I met each other during «First Voice of Serbia», where we were the 3 superfinalists. The idea to become a group actually began after the end of the show. We sang a few songs together during the show and our team realized that we sound great together, and even if we are really different in so many ways we are an amazing combination.
Nevena; The people who organized «First Voice of Serbia» decided to write a song for us, which will represent Serbia in ESC. Aleksandar Milosevic Mare, composer of our song for ESC, also wrote a song for me 2010, for a festival in Serbia.
Mirna; Sasa Milosevic Mare was a member of the jury during «First Voice of Serbia» and he made the song especially for us.


Wiv; What kind of people do you think your song will appeal to?
Sara; It’s a very interesting, catchy and funny song, so I think that every age can enjoy it.
Nevena; The song will appeal to people who like good music and beautiful themes like LOVE.
Mirna; The song is about love, so I do strongly believe that it will be very popular among the people who are in love.

Wiv; How will you describe your song?
Sara; Catchy, fresh, full of energy and it tells a great story…
Nevena; It’s a love song!
Mirna; It is very dynamic song and in the lyrics are all about good and bad sides of love. But, at last good things are always much more important and the conclusion is that we all have to believe and to have faith in love.

Wiv; «Ljubav je Svuda» is in Serbian; could you tell us the story behind it?
Mirna; It is about a girl who is listening to an angel and a devil’s advice about what she should do, but at the end she conclude by herself that love is everywhere.
Sara; «Ljubav je svuda» means «Love is everywhere». I think that’s a pretty good message.
The girl is trying to understand the real meaning of love, and the angel and the devil are helping her, but in different ways. The angel is telling her that real love does exist and when she finds the «right one» she’ll know that and she’ll be happy and safe. The devil is telling her that he’s going to cheat her one day etc.
Nevena; The angel and the devil are fighting and trying to convince the confused girl (me) to listen to them. And then, in the end we all agree that LOVE IS EVERYWHERE.


Wiv; Serbia is one of the few countries who always sing in their own language in Eurovision Song Contest. Many countries choose to sing in English instead of in their national language. What is your opinion on the language question?
Sara; It’s a tradition here to sing in Serbian at the Eurovision, and I’m very proud of that. I think that every country should sing in their language.
Nevena; I think it doesn’t matter which language you sing in, but our tradition is singing in Serbian.
Mirna; I think that Serbian is a beautiful language and I am very proud that we are strong in keeping our tradition of singing in our own language.

Wiv; In «First Voice of Serbia» we heard you perform songs in both different languages. Which language do you normally prefer singing in, and why?
Sara; Being a philologist (I’m studying languages at my university) I love singing in many languages. I lived for 13 years in Rome, so I sang a lot in Italian and English (mostly in English). When I came to Serbia, I started to discover the beauty of the Serbian language too, so I enjoy singing in Serbian too. But I have to say that I enjoy the most singing in English.
Mirna; For me personally it is not important in which language I sing. It is much more important to feel the song and to send the emotion from the song to the audience.
Nevena; I love singing in different languages and it was very interesting to me. I usually sing in English, Spanish and Italian.


Wiv; You also performed songs in many different genres in «First Voice of Serbia». Is there one genre that you would consider yours?
Mirna; I found that I mostly like pop and RnB, but I think that it is very important to know all kinds of musical paths. That is very important for every singer, the power of improvisation and to know how to handle every situation.
Sara; I’m a very curious type of person. I always like learning new stuff about music, experimenting, and I really could listen to every genre. The one that I like the most is definitely RnB.
Nevena; I love all genres of music but pop and RnB are the genres that are closest to my heart.

Wiv; Have you listened to the other songs from the contest, and if so; are there any you think stand out?
Sara; There are a lot of good songs and amazing artists, so I’m really honored to be part of the contest with them. The Italian contestant, Marco Mengoni, is one of my favorite Italian singers, so I’m really excited about meeting him. I really like the song and I can’t wait to hear it live.
Mirna; There are several very interesting and high quality songs but personally I am concentrating on our presentation. My aim is to do the best on the Malmö stage and to have fun.

Wiv; You normally perform solo. How is it, working with two other solo artists for just one project? Are there plans for more collaboration after Eurovision Song Contest?
Sara; Nevena, Mirna and I are first of all really good friends. We love and understand each other so we’re amazing as a team, and I’m enjoying this period so much. I think that our dream is to make it as solo artists, but however I would really love to do a collaboration/ featuring with them in the future.
Nevena; It’s just one time project, for Eurovision Song Contest. Then I want to continue my solo career, and to release my single right after ESC.
Mirna; What will happen after ESC I just do not know. But it is beautiful to cooperate with Nevena and Sara and I would like to do some songs together after Eurovision Song Contest also.

Wiv; Is Eurovision Song Contest popular and respected by artists and the public in Serbia?
Sara; Yes, absolutely!
Nevena; Yes, it is! We follow the Eurovision every year.
Mirna; The ESC is very popular in Serbia and it has strong tradition in many families as a gathering in front of the TV. For example, my family has always done that, and I always cheer for the Serbian representative.

Wiv; How do you feel about being a part of the Eurovision Song Contest?
Sara; In the last couple of months we performed a lot, and I think that we are really starting to enjoy our performances, without any stage fright. But, this is going to be the biggest event where we are part of, so it’s a little bit different. However, we won’t think about the outcome and the results, but just enjoy the moment, because just being there is a huge honor. We will try not to put any pressure on us.
Mirna; I have watched it since I was little and it was my big wish as a child to be on that stage. And now my dream has come true!
Nevena; I’m very excited and happy about my performance in Malmo, which will happen very soon. As a little girl I always followed Eurovision Song Contest and dreamed about it.

Wiv; Our readers like hearing about artists’ Eurovision-favorites; What is your favorite ESC-entry? And do you have a favorite Norwegian entry as well?
Sara; My favourite ESC entry of all time is definitely «Molitva», performed by Marija Serifovic.
Mirna; I agree; my biggest and most important favorite is «Molitva».
Nevena; »Molitva» is my favorite too, and also Loreen’s »Euphoria». And my favorite Norwegian entry is Maria »Hold on be strong»! I love that song!


Wiv; In addition to Eurovision Song Contest, what are your plans for the near future?
Sara; I would like to bring something new to the Serbian music industry, to show my love for the music, doing that through my creativity, making the people that are listening to my music happy. I would like to learn even more about music, working not just on the singing, but on all of the things that are important for a real artist – on the scene moves for example. I always had «complete artists» as inspiration, so I’m really interested in dancing and acting, too.
Nevena; I want to continue my solo career and to work on my first album.
Mirna; My first plan is to represent our country in the best way we can, and after I do hope that my career will develop much more and in the best possible way.

Wiv; What music do you usually listen to? And which artists inspire you?
Sara; I really like Beyonce, Jessie J, Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, Ciara, Bruno Mars… I get my inspiration from artists like Beyoncè: artists that are real talents and that work hard everyday. I love to see artists that can sing, dance and act, too – real performers.
Nevena; I love all genres of music but the most pop and RnB. My favorite singers are Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Rihanna, Jessie J and Loreen inspired me a lot.
Mirna; Beyonce is in one word- DIVA and a fantastic singer. She is my model and I adore her songs. Beside her I also like Christina Aguilera and Michael Buble a lot.

Wiv; Apart from singing; what does your life look like?
Sara; I’m the type of person that always smiles, thinks positive, loves to have fun, loves to make other people laugh, a really social and friendly person, creative, etc. I’m studying languages at my university. Another big passion for me is dancing. I also like drawing, and reading books. I’m a professional make up artist too; I love decorating nails. I like playing play station and game boy too, and watching cartoons or crimes etc.
I have a really special relationship with my parents, they are like my best friends.
Mirna; My parents are divorced and I live with my mother and twin sister. Before I started the competition First Voice of Serbia I was a singer in a band with the rather interesting name A Girl Between Maniacs.
Nevena; I’m a student, I have an older sister who is an architect, I played professional basketball but now I’m practicing athletics, I love diving and skiing. Recently, I got interested in modeling.

Wiv; Thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to us; we greatly appreciate it. And from all of us at escNorge; we wish you all the best in Malmö!
Sara; Thank you!
Mirna; Thank you for interesting interview questions! It was a pleasure answering them!


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